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Dharshi  Harindra
I help organizations create a data-driven diversity and inclusion strategy by administering diversity data surveys in a compliant and inclusive way.


About Dharshi

Almost all organisations take a data-driven approach to making decisions. But when it comes to collecting and using diversity data, the task can be more daunting than it seems: 

  • Inclusion surveys take time to complete sensitively, and ethically. Cultural and psychological safety is not easily addressed with a few additional tick-boxes on an existing workplace engagement survey. 

  • Collecting diversity data carries compliance obligations such as privacy, workplace relations and anti-discrimination requirements.

  • Organisations may feel uncomfortable requesting their staff to complete surveys if there isn’t a clear idea of what to do with the results of the survey. 

  • Lack of knowledge in analysing or making effective use of collected data. Those organisations which do collect diversity data with the oversight of diversity and inclusion focus groups or employee action groups may not have the learned experience to know how to analyse or make effective use of that data. 

  • Tasks are often left to those employees who are already burdened with the responsibility, not just for thinking about this work, but actually doing it on top of their existing workload.  

I leverage my diversity and inclusion expertise with over 14 years of experience as a legal practitioner to develop bespoke D&I surveys, with analysis and recommendations to get you unstuck and clear the path for your D&I journey. 

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