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Image by Nastuh Abootalebi

Dharshi Harindra

Dharshi combines her passion for people, connection, data, technology and AI with over 15 years of international experience as a technology, privacy and media lawyer helping organisations navigate commercial arrangements, laws and regulation, and their intersection with individual consumer trust and corporate imperatives. Starting her career in London and moving to Australia, Dharshi’s clients have ranged from the US West Coast’s largest tech companies to Australian and APAC start-ups.


Since moving to Australia Dharshi undertook diversity and inclusion roles alongside her legal career through participation in steering committees, employee action group leadership teams, undertaking speakerships and hosting and taking part in panel discussions on diversity and inclusion within corporate organisations, harnessing lived experience in the bid to address current inclusion gaps. 

Dharshi’s passion lies in leveraging her skills and experience to combine the worlds of data and diversity. In a world where almost all corporate decision-making is data-driven, few would argue that the same should be the case for diversity and inclusion when it comes to creating the most meaningful and impactful strategy to harness and maintain a safe, inclusive, and diverse workplace. But even fewer actually follow this approach (so if you or your organisation falls into this bucket you are not alone).  


Like all the important lessons in life, the answer is simple to see but not so simple to achieve. The complexities and nuances of how to draw out personal and lived experiences in a way that makes people feel heard; and of how to collect personal, and sometimes sensitive information in a compliant way, can end up pushing diversity surveys to the bottom of an already full to-do list for D&I, HR and other people-related executives. 

That’s where I can help get you unstuck, set the right tone for your workforce and clear the path for you and your leadership to implement the most meaningful diversity and inclusion strategy for You. 

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