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Image by Nastuh Abootalebi

Dharshi Harindra

Dharshi brings together her deep-rooted passion for people, connection, data, technology, and AI with over 16 years of international experience as a technology, privacy, and media lawyer. Beginning her career in London and later relocating to Australia before settling in Singapore, Dharshi has served a diverse clientele ranging from Silicon Valley tech giants to burgeoning start-ups and consulting firms across UK, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

In addition to her legal career, since 2018, Dharshi has taken on prominent roles in diversity and inclusion initiatives. She has actively contributed to steering committees, led employee action groups, engaged in public speaking engagements, and participated in panel discussions focused on fostering diversity and inclusion within corporate environments. This commitment to diversity and inclusion culminated in the launch of her own practice in 2020.

In 2023, Dharshi embarked on a journey with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) to become an ACC accredited coach. Drawing from her extensive experience outside the legal realm, she assists founders and lawyers in achieving their leadership and performance goals. Leveraging her expertise in coaching and inclusion, alongside her legal acumen as a senior commercial and technology lawyer, Dharshi designs performance-based coaching programs tailored for leaders seeking to future-proof their roles. She also delivers engaging workshops and keynotes on the future of law and the evolving role of the lawyer.

Inclusion remains at the heart of Dharshi's work. Her coaching programs for lawyers who are underrepresented in leadership positions aim to empower participants to embrace their authenticity and achieve success on their own terms, without compromising their well-being.

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