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Dharshi Harindra offers coaching, consulting, training, and keynote speaking services tailored to lawyers, law firms, and in-house legal teams. With a focus on addressing the most pressing challenges faced by legal leadership, Dharshi collaborates closely with clients to support them to navigate technological change, optimise talent recruitment and retention, and manage productivity effectively to prevent burnout.

Performance Coaching 

Dharshi offers tailored performance coaching services designed to empower senior legal leaders as they navigate complex organisational changes and technological advancements.


Additionally, Dharshi specialises in coaching programs uniquely crafted for lawyers who are underrepresented in leadership roles. These programs are meticulously designed to support individuals in preparing for promotion on their own terms. Through a focus on authenticity, confidence-building, and skill development, Dharshi empowers aspiring leaders to overcome barriers, unlock their full potential, and thrive in their professional journeys.

Law Attorney
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Keynote Speaking

Dharshi shares her expertise and data-driven insights to empower law firms and in house legal teams to embrace the opportunities that new technologies have to offer, and shares her personal story and lived experience to highlight the key attributes of the future lawyer.

Engage with Dharshi to share about her own journey as well as any of her upskilling topics in the realm of diversity, equity and inclusion and its role in a sustainable, profitable legal practice. In addition, Dharshi regularly appears on podcasts, panels and events addressing the importance of representation, storytelling and bias (including addressing bias in AI).

Upskilling for Inclusion

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Dharshi offers comprehensive and tailored training about the following key topics which form the cornerstones of inclusion and form the foundations from gathering meaningful DEI data going forward: 


  • Addressing Unconscious Bias, Consciously

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Creating Courageous Spaces  

  • Allyship and Bystander Action 


Through initial discovery sessions, Dharshi will co-create a programme that best addresses your needs whether that is one or a combination of workshops, small-group training sessions, coaching for senior leadership, or targeted advisory services. 

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