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DEI for Law Firms and Lawyers

Dharshi offers Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion coaching services for law firms and lawyers. Our services are designed to help you create an inclusive and equitable workplace, foster diversity, and promote a culture of belonging. She provides tailored coaching programs, workshops, and training sessions to address the unique needs of your organisation.


For Law Firms

Dharshi tailors her Upskilling, Diversity Data Surveys,  and Keynote Speaking services specifically for law firms. Dharshi helps firms to integrate inclusion with the innovation strategies they need to thrive as the workplace and the way legal services are delivered continue to evolve in the face of new technologies, and a new generation of values-led lawyers.

Working with Dharshi you can expect to:

  • Build meaningful data-driven strategies through Diversity Data Surveys

  • For those who already consistently collect DEI data, Dharshi can provide DEI expertise to review that data with a view to:

    • Assess effectiveness of existing policies and initiatives based on existing data

    • Identify data gaps

    • Develop communications and workable accountability frameworks based on evidence-based, outcomes-driven goals

    • Create cohesive data-driven DEI roadmap and strategies


For Lawyers

Dharshi is an effective executive coach, and has developed 3, 6, and 12-month coaching programs designed for:

  • Law Firm Partners: Equip Partners and DEI Leads with the tools they need to effect DEI change in their firm and achieve the outcomes mandated by their strategy and policies

  • Underrepresented Lawyers: Empower lawyers who face unique barriers to leadership to thrive by using their identity as a strength

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